Korporatsioon Filiae Patriae Kalifornia Koondis is the California chapter of the Estonian sorority Filiae Patriae (Latin 'Daughters of Fatherland').
Korporatsioon Filiae Patriae was founded in 1920 at the University of Tartu in the Republic of Estonia as the first Estonian women's fraternity of its kind. The sorority members wear traditional tricolor student caps and sashes of the Nordic-Baltic-German type; the colors of Filiae Patriae are white, red and green.

Korporatsioon Filiae Patriae was active until the Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1940 when traditional student organizations were abolished. Many alumnae continued to meet underground until the the sorority was reestablished in 1989 at the time Estonia regained its independence.

The sorority members who fled to the West, established chapters in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Sweden. The California chapter was founded in 1962 as a sub-chapter of the U.S.A. chapter and became an independent chapter in 1980.

Today, the California Chapter consists of mostly university alumnae and continues to be active. It is valued by the members as a medium to nurture friendships and cherish common Estonian heritage. The Chapter meets about once a month to hear presentations on various topics of interest, visit museums and concerts, engage in philanthropy, celebrate holidays and hold dinner parties. Significant others and children are welcome to many events.  
The Chapter welcomes new members; the requirement is that potential new members study or have studied at a university, reside in California and have sufficient command of the Estonian language to participate in Chapter activities. Women interested in becoming members are encouraged to contact the Membership Chair at noortevanem@fpcal.org.

To contact the Chapter regarding any other questions, please e-mail the Board at eestseisus@fpcal.org.